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Hicri Ercili Group

The growth process, which started with the transportation of chemicals, the sale of spare parts and the petrol ofisi fuel oil sales stations, accelerated in the 2000s with the import of other chemicals, primarily sulfuric acid, and formed the basis of today's development. Currently, it is successfully carrying out domestic and international transportation activities with HICRI ERCILI land and chemical stainless marine tankers.

It has offices and facilities in Mersin, Izmit, Çorlu, Yalova, Adana, Yumurtalık Free Zone, Osmaniye, Istanbul and Houston/USA with its headquarters in Bandırma.The company has a customs clearance capacity of stocking 600,000 tons of chemicals and continues to provide products and services to its domestic and international customers with a fleet of more than 500+ ADR land tankers.Hicri Ercili, the largest Aluminum Sulfate manufacturer in Turkey, is a company that reaches this capacity and performs production in a single facility with 2 production facilities with a capacity of 1,000,000 tons.


The solid aluminum sulfate product is also produced as a liquid. in 2016, it is the first organization in Turkey to be certified as meeting the public health and safety requirements of the NSF-ANSI 60/USA standard. Today, Aluminum Sulfate product, which is exported to 6 continents, is on its way to becoming the preferred brand in the international Market. Hicri Ercili Cold Storage Facilities, cooling in a total area of 135,000 m2 and in a closed area of 85,000 m2, is the largest cold storage facility in Turkey and the Balkan Region.


HICRI ERCILI is a company that has the production of Sulfuric Acid and Ammonia tanks with TSE approved ADR for the first time in Turkey in accordance with the needs of its own vehicles and customer demands.HICRI ERCILI, which has carried its successful experience in the transportation of chemicals to sea transportation, has been building a fleet of ships consisting of AYŞENAZ, KAPIDAĞ, BANDIRMA, WINTER SUN, ERDEK, TATLISU, HICRI KAAN and LIVATYA since 2010.In addition, Hicri Ercili  continues its new shipbuilding, renovation and maintenance and repair activities with its facility, established on 42.000 m2 in Altınova, Yalova.


Hicri Ercili Group Companies, including its headquarter in Bandırma, continue to its organic growth in 11 locations (Çorlu, Izmit, Yalova, Mersin, Adana, Osmaniye, Istanbul, Amsterdam/Holland, Houston/USA, Sofia-Dimitrovgrad/Bulgaria) , with its own activites and using the resourses efficient.

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